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Travel Gardener Adventures

Where adventurous and curious travelers explore the world by rails, trails, and waterways.

More Vacay, Less Time & Stress...

Even seasoned travelers find it hard to plan satisfying getaways to discover travel in new places or deepen experiences in places familiar. 


Are you concerned about overspending and booking blindly on the internet? Do you start your vacation exhausted and stressed after accommodating others that your trip is not even about you anymore? Ever arrive somewhere after spending hours sifting choices and find it's just not your style, wasn't worth the hype, or you knew way more than the guides? 

Let us customize a getaway that's cultivated beyond the ordinary, that answers all your questions and leaves you feeling relaxed, confident and excited to embark on truly meaningful bespoke experiences tailored just for you.



Get Off the Highways and Onto the Trails, Rails, & Waterways 

Check out our favorite California Adventures where Paradise Beckons by Bikes, Trains, & Ships-  it just might spark some ideas for your next coastal getaway, and if so, we would love to help you plan it.

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Choose Your Adventure Mode... 


We understand booking travel online is convenient, but why leave your special memories to chance? Our trusted professional will tailor your travel experience to optimize value based on your unique travel style. From simple staycations to complex packages, we have access to price match and to add VIP luxury perks that you may not find elsewhere. Independently owned, yet we have the buying power of over $3 billion in sales, thanks to our partnership with the world's first and largest host agency. This means someone is always available to handle the unexpected. ​ Say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of having too many options in your head. Share your travel dreams with us, and let us design a personalized digital itinerary for you. Focus your time on what truly matters while we take care of the details. ​ Explore perks in our VIP Magazine Sample and Request a Quote NOW to start planning your next unforgettable adventure.

Done By You...

Your plans are ready and researched, but why settle for anonymous clicks and bookings when you can have 24/7 express access to your own password-protected booking portal? Our portal is filled with Hot Deals and rates guaranteed to be the same or better than what you see elsewhere. If you don't find something you need, just contact us for a customized package. Unlike automated booking sites, we are a small business with real people ready to assist you at any time during your travels. For cars, easily book local or airport pickups with top-tier benefits included. Choose from over 40,000 sailings for river or ocean cruises. Book domestic and international flights, including Southwest, with ease. From budget-friendly hostels to 5-star hotels and all-inclusive resorts worldwide, our portal allows you to book accommodations of your choice. Access exclusive perks and upgrades when booking 5-star luxury options. For villas, enjoy weekly rates on entire properties rather than per room. Insure your entire trip, not just transportation, with our competitive pre and post-departure policies. Our long-standing relationships provide you with 24/7 access to book classic luxury hotel packages, tours, transfers, activities, sporting events, theater, concerts, and more. Expedite passports and visas hassle-free. Get your express booking portal now and be sure to opt-in for exclusive Hot Deals via email. ​ ​ ​ Your plans already ready & researched?  Why click & book anonymously when we offer 24/7 express access inside your own password protected booking portal, overflowing with Hot Deals & rates 110% guaranteed same or better than you see elsewhere! Anything you don't see ala carte just contact us - our best value comes when we package it for you. And unlike those robo-sites, you easily support a small business where an actual person is just a call or email away while you travel. CARS: Express book Local or Airport pickups, top status tier benefits applied on the house. CRUISES: Express book River or Ocean...we have over 40,000 sailings to chose from!   FLIGHTS: Express book Domestic & International Carriers, even Southwest! HOTELS: Express Book all accommodations from budget friendly Hostels to 5 Star Hotels, AirBnB-type vacation rentals, even All-Inclusive Resorts worldwide. When you select our 5 Star Luxury you still access these exclusive perks and upgrades on the house - be sure to ask at checkin - you qualify ONLY when you book with us! VILLAS: Access weekly rates on entire properties, not per room. INSURE IT:​ Insure your entire trip, not just the transport, with our competitive pre & post departure policies. Our relationships and longevity give YOU 24/7 access to instantly book: ​ Classic Luxury Hotel Packages Top tours, transfers, & fun activities, with flexibility to book more fun even after you arrive. Fave sporting events, theater, concerts, even sold-out entertainment, without those surprise high fees at checkout. Expedite passports & VISAs, too. ​ Get Your Express Booking Portal Now  (Be Sure to Check the Box to Get HOT Deals by Email)

Done For You...

From luxurious to curious, our pre-planned adventures delve into the roots and heritage of each destination, offering a renewed perspective on travel. For busy clients seeking turnkey get-aways, we provide unique trip ideas for solo or group travel, making it easy to grab, pack, and go. We prioritize sustainability by selecting destination partners and experiences that align with eco-tourism, local culture, and artisan values. Share these meaningful experiences with your favorite people or join solo to meet new friends. Space is limited! Select and Join our Group Trip Interest Lists NOW for more information.

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We Undertand...

At Travel Gardener Adventures, we know that you want to get away and explore new things with your favorite people. 


To have that go smoothly, you need a professionally planned vacation. 


The problem is that while you love taking vacations and exploring the world, you may not have the time, planning skills, experience, or travel industry connections to make it easy. 


Trying to DIY your travel plans can leave you feeling overwhelmed before you go, unsure if you sorted through everything, and underwhelmed after you arrive, with that sinking feeling that maybe you missed something. It's not your fault. Do you know those impersonal Robo-sites that give you a billion results but no guidance? A recent internet search returned 1.4 billion results for where to stay in Paris!  And we’ve all seen those TV ads that make it so easy to book with nobody yet so hard to talk with anybody? They are to blame. 


You deserve to have a vacation that makes you feel regal, renewed and restored.


Before I was a professional travel advisor, I was just like busy working and raising my kids that I rarely had the bandwidth to take time for me, and when I did, I often grabbed something quick and mundane or tagged along on someone else's plans. 

I understand what it feels like to know you want a better outcome, just not exactly sure where or lack the extra time to find it, which is why I work with travelers just like you. 


Here's how you can start checking destinations off your to-do list…we elevate your wanderlust from jumbled confusion to smooth anticipation.

What we do best...


Experience the exhilaration of our luxury international cycling adventures. Enjoy custom itineraries, invigorating activity, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Benefit from our mountain bike racing experience. 

Indulge in our luxury trail adventures, from glamping to wine-inclusive resorts, balancing thrill and relaxation.



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Enjoy scenic coastal trips or luxurious cross-country journeys. Our uniquely crafted rail experiences offer gourmet service through breathtaking landscapes. Explore places unreachable by car. 


As descendants of Pullman porters, our passion for trains guides us in designing your bespoke Slow Travel adventure. 

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Experience luxury on the water with our unforgettable river, yacht, & oceanliner cruise adventures. Discover hidden gems along the world's most beautiful rivers.


As CLIA members, we're certified to offer unique voyages across all cruise brands. Our themed sailings include art, wellness, jazz, and more.




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Interest Lists
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Meet Alycia Gardner M., the heart behind & Her travel dreams sparked from mystery books set in exotic lands.


Her journey began as a corporate lawyer at an international firm, fueled by a desire to explore the world. As a mother and wife, her curiosity for diverse cultures and cuisines expanded through hobbies like crochet, plein-air painting, and hosting foreign exchange students.


Today, she has set foot in 6 continents, 5 Wonders of the World, 30+ countries, 21 National Parks, and 40+ U.S. states. Her experiences fuel her passion to create unforgettable travel experiences for you.


Company Mission


At and its sister companies, our mission is simple: to enrich lives through travel.


  • We aim to help seasoned wanderers who value their time to travel often and create lasting memories.


  • We also guide health-conscious globetrotters towards a more plant-based lifestyle, enabling them to grow their own produce aeroponically in the space of a chair, even while traveling.


  • Lastly, we coach those open to creating a living through inheritable eBusinesses in top industries.


Our founder, Alycia, found purpose in helping others eat well, travel often, and leave a financial legacy. Join us in our mission to empower more through giving.

Alycia G.

Our Process...

– STEP 1 –

In this initial conversation, we aim to understand your unique travel style and preferences, and what you have seen so far. This helps us tailor your adventure to your specific needs.

– STEP 2 –

We delve into our resources to create a bespoke travel experience for you. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to present an easy-to-review proposal, customized just for you.

– STEP 3 –

Once everything is confirmed, all you need to do is pack! We handle all the details, ensuring a stress-free travel experience. We're just a call or email away, from start to finish.


Just a few of the dreamworthy destinations
where we send our clients... 

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