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Enjoy the Lifestyle of a
Travel Biz Owner.

I am Alycia G. My passion is helping others live their dreams making a living by living through travelpreneurship. You may have landed here at the invitation of someone on our growing global team of travel biz owners. We welcome you to take a peek into our supportive community and systems for success. Here, everyone will want to see you win! Growing up, I dreamed of working from a desk surrounded by maps and globes and model airplanes like those I saw at the local automobile club with my parents. Now, retired after two degrees, decades in corporate, and raising two young adults, I enjoy working from anywhere and living out my dreams. Traveling with my husband and family, I have stepped in 5 of the 7 continents, and counting. My lifestyle is all about paying it forward. 

To best check-out if this affordable online business opportunity is for you, simply Apply NOW  to access a brief overview of our business options, including an immediate sneak-peek website walkthru from the viewpoint of a travel biz owner - see how to access your free training on demand, your insider benefits, and even where your clients can self book so you earn while you sleep. Did you know commissions are already built-in to the rates you see online? Someone is earning it - why keep leaving money on the table!

This is NOT a travel club.

Finally, no need to keep asking if we have this or that. The answer is YES! We don't limit your access to a menu of offers. Get our full access to earn with every major travel and activity supplier: sports, tours and entertainment tickets, accommodations from hostels to villas, all-inclusive resorts, glamping, every ocean & river & expedition cruise brand, car & RV rentals, trains, adventure outfitters, flights, insurance and more. With no recruiting or minimum sales requirements, you can start as a hobby with yourself as your client, or grow a clientbase advising travel, offer turn-key trips or create your own retreats and group events, or share with others to develop a global organization with override income much like a broker. If you find this is something you can see yourself doing, your sponsor and I can have you set up to start earning income or traveling for less in under 20 minutes, with risk-free guarantees in place. You will see with our technology, it is perfect for busy people!


While your application is processing, I invite you to find a LIVE event near YOU! (Be sure to sign-in as our Guest, put down my name or the guest of the person on our team that invited you so you won't be charged). Take a quick hour or so to network with some amazing individuals, hear their tips and stories of success first hand - you will see just how supportive and knowledgeable our global community is -  all throughout every USA state, UK & Ireland, Mexico, The Caribbean, and soon Canada! Come see who is winning and how to be one, too! 


Apply Now! Unlimited Support.

Imagine the Freedom to Earn From Your Phone!

Imagine the Freedom to Earn From Your Phone!

Why travel and why now? There are many ways to make money online, but so many are just energy zappers that don’t add to your own quality of life. So many lotions and potions, but perhaps you don’t want to have to find those people with those problems. Can you imagine just selling fun? Picture earning income in this trillion dollar industry simply helping others increase their well being making more memories – even snagging some perks and travel benefits for yourself! Do we travel for less as insiders? Of course we do, but there is so much more!

When becoming an independent travel advisor by owning your own independent agency, my degrees in management and law helped me to determine nothing beats the access and support of the host agency business model. I have seen many such opportunities and systems.


Check out this list of advisor benefits!

When someone asks me which is the best  host agency, I typically ask these 3 questions:

  • Is it solid?  Are they recognized and respected in the industry with longevity and in good standing by the Better Business Bureau? Ours is recognized by every major supplier, is A rated BBB, and has had the same leadership in place for over 25 years. And ours is the ORIGINATOR of the host agency business model, many others now follow.

  • Is it profitable and generous with commission?  Is there a success plan laid out that considers the learning curve of any new business and a guarantee to be profitable if you follow it? Ours offers a unique 1 year profit guarantee, where at least 70% of the commission goes to YOU from day 1.

  • Is it fun?  Business is no fun when you feel alone with no support.  We make training fun and accessible however YOU best learn - podcasts for listening, webinars for watching, manuals for reading, live events to build relationships...we will teach you how to market to build a client base, how to develop connections with vendors in your niche, and how to put these key pieces together – people, products, profit. Ours comes with an online client management CRM system, marketing campaigns, award winning training on demand, a fun community, and invites to plenty of travel industry events online and off.

Apply Now! Get Trips + Checks.


What's important about this...


From a family of entrepreneurs, my passion is not just sharing business is in supporting those who partner with me with unlimited coaching and development from my personal circle of mentors, including several specially trained as Ambassadors with our travel host agency. Those who join my growing organization of independent travel advisors can immediately plug right into our proven step by step success system:

Imagine an engaged community where everyone really wants to see you win!

Here are 10 reasons why I chose the host agency partnership we have and offer:

  • Strong reputation in the industry and access among the top travel vendors. Ours is recognized, and frequently awarded, by virtually every top travel and tour company, often where negotiated higher than average commissions are earned by our advisors due to the volume of clients we collectively serve globally.

  • Solid training system in place for new and established travel advisors on demand without a lot of extra fees. Ours is stellar as shown by Magellan awards won several consecutive years. When advisors graduate the university of modules, it assures each agent has the basics.

  • Great vision and consistency from the corporate leadership. Still with the company from its beginnings nearly 30 years ago, our Founder and President is often chosen by the media to speak as thought leader and expert in travel & tourism, a sector expected to reach over $8 Trillion in 2024.

  • Company stays fresh in changing times, teaching the needed business skills and offline and online marketing. Ours has specially trained an army of Ambassadors to support over 70,000 global independent advisors, plus weekly training both live and on demand in our back office, weekly training sessions directly by our travel partners, and fun live conferences.

  • Predictable overhead. You get a business-in-a-box system to stay organized, with on-demand training to become knowledgeable, all without a lot of additional fees. Ours comes with a fully hosted customizable website and an entire suite of done-for-you marketing, CRM, professionally designed newsletters and postcards, and more to stay top of mind with your growing clientbase.

  • Generous commission. Splits are 70/30 immediately that can grow to 80/20. Some hosts start you with 50/50 and require you to buy into higher levels. Not ours. The company is so generous, they effectively share 90/10 when accounting for those who choose an optional separate enrollment partnership and become positioned for 10% overrides.

  • Works virtually from anywhere. Our affiliation with our host agency has a corporate headquarters that provides a full staff with ongoing responsive support for our advisors and our clients, online chats and an 800 number.

  • Strong growing company. Our partner is A+BBB rated with the host agency concept they innovated over 30 years ago. The numbers have grown exponentially in both advisors and volume with commissions booked now exceeding $1 billion.

  • Outstanding product. Many travel agencies only offer clients 1 thing. Our host partnership allows us to offer our clients 3 levels of service: advise and book, select packages, and self-serve in our booking engine.

  • Affordable startup and maintenance fees. Some travel franchises or host affiliates charge $500, $5000, even tens of thousands for similar access, credentials, insurance, and training. Our startup fee is under $200, with under $40 monthly overhead – and it includes errors and omissions insurance, necessary industry credentials, hosting and maintenance of each advisors personalized website, CRM to manage client base, full suite of marketing materials and campaign systems including printing and postage, exclusive partnerships to offer luxurious amenities on the house to clients, unlimited support & training, and more. (By adding just under $20 monthly overhead, those choosing to activate our optional enrollment partnership with a completely separate network marketing company can also earn residual income from selling travel businesses like I do. Just ask.)


I don’t know if these things matter to you, but it’s important you find a company and a sponsor that’s a fit for you. In addition to our Travel Weekly Magellan Award-Winning training, those I help to sponsor onto our growing team know they can come to me with any question and I will find a resource to solve it. Our host partnership has all the licenses, insurances, relationships, and memberships for your success including BBB, ARC, IATAN, ASTA, ABTA, CLIA, and more…I help you spend your time wisely to select and gain certifications best for YOUR goals. I freely share knowledge and resources gained from my personal investments and mentorships. For my niche I became a Certified Luxury Travel Advisor and a Certified Wellness Advisor along with specializations in Disney and selected top Luxury Resorts, All-Inclusives, Cruiselines, Railways and Adventurer Outfitters. My memberships include CLIA, Ensemble Consortia, Chamber of Commerce, and ABTP (Association of Black Travel Professionals). 


Know only when you partner to purchase your travel biz with me or someone on my team, you are not funneled into big ticket offers - you gain my personal coaching at no additional fee! 

Apply Now! 

Strategic Coaching.

What is important...


This may not be a fit if...

From my experience, here is who this may not be for:

  • Not honest or not dependable?  We seek like-minded individuals open to personally develop pillars for success with integrity and professionalism.

  • No interest in helping others or building relationships?  Our success thrives on being in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves.

  • Not a fan of the industry?  Even if not traveling, one should at least respect the industry to sincerely attract clients & partners.

  • Not willing to give it a year?  All new businesses have a learning curve, and frankly most fail. This opportunity comes with a one year profit guarantee, so take the time to examine the proven success map and take action during the 365 day no risk warranty period. If you follow our success steps and still don't make or save more than you invested, the company will refund the difference to make you whole. No need to quit, give it a chance with lessons learned, your second year and beyond can be stellar.

Apply Now! Risk Free.


Earn While you Learn.

Women Holding Hands
Group Seflie


Testimonials of Success...

The money I have earned in the past two years has helped me to help my daughter who suffered from brain surgery last year, to assist with some of her finances. I also assisted my granddaughters sweet sixteen gala…I was able to put a nice down payment on my dream car. I am able to help my family financially without using my savings.

TC, Gold+

My earnings from being a Gold Builder has allowed me to be the servant for helping my family. I was able to put a smile on my niece’s face that I haven’t seen in over two years since losing her son of a drowning accident. I took my mom and grandma to Vegas giving them the pleasure to see things and do things that they haven’t before, the experience.

MH, Gold+

I have used my residual income…to become debt free. I have paid off four credit cards since I have been in the business and I see financial freedom.

TR, Gold+

Alycia we are SO BLESSED to have you, I almost cried in our session today. I’m so grateful to… for bringing us together TOO! You are a true answer to prayer and above and BEYOND everything I wanted for this honeymoon travel planning experience. I feel like you hear and see us so well♥️ THANK YOU!!!!

AM, Travel Client

…our group’s travel director through Italy and Greece and he was excellent! We felt very well taken care of. He is extremely knowledgeable and well connected, and really cared that we had the best time. He knew all the best places to go at each stop, such as this wonderful restaurant in Delphi with a sunset view. We traveled with…and I would not have done a trip like this any other way. Everything was planned for us, so we could just relax and enjoy our vacation. Thank you…

AB, Travel Client

Apply Now! 

Design Your Success.


We Literally Sell Fun!

Have you ever wanted to earn extra income to pay off debt, pay for your children's activities, pay for college, support your parents, or upgrade your lifestyle? Have you thought about or wondered how or if you will ever retire or build wealth for your future? Do you dream of ways to fund your passion projects or your jetsetting? Are you already an influencer, yet not monetizing your full potential?


One pillar to wealth is having residual income.

Nipsey Hustle


You are in the right place at the right time! I am currently open to help sponsor and personally mentor our next cohort of 20 independent travel business owners. If you are second guessing yourself, think…..”Where will I be in 5 years if this doesn’t work out? Where will I be in 5 years if this does work?” Apply NOW to see more and schedule a quick chat with me…no obligation, no hard sell, and no risk…just an opportunity for an educated decision.


I can’t wait to meet you!!

         Alycia G.

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