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Travel Tips & Inspo

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Before Travel Resources

Here are some resources you may find helpful before you leave on your travels.

Inteletravel Packing List. Brief starting point, tailor to your journey.

Weather - Check the weather for each stop along your way.

Cruise Port Schedule - If you're going on a cruise, check which other ships will be in the ports you are visiting. This will give you some idea how busy the port will be.

The MPC Mobile App  - For International travel, the Mobile Passport Control allows U.S. citizens and Canadian passport holders (on B1 or B2 visas) to submit their passport information and customs declaration information via their smartphone or tablet and bypass the regular line to enter the United States. The app doesn't require pre-approval and is free to use. (This replaces Mobile Passport, although dome airports may have not yet replaced signage.)

 TSA Guidelines - Keep up-to-date on all the guidelines from the TSA.

CDC Health Warnings - Check the latest health warnings and travel info from the CDC. Be sure to periodically visit the appropriate websites for Covid safety protocol both for entering your destination country and city, and for returning to your home country and home city. Sites include Center for Disease Control , World Health Organization and Transportation Security Administration While such sites attempt to be current, we recommend contacting the relevant state, territorial, Tribal or local health authority directly for questions and current status of their travel restrictions and guidance. 

When travelling domestically or internationally, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advise that everyone carry at least two forms of acceptable identification in order to board a flight. (See this TSA link.) Examples: DHS designated enhanced driver’s license, USA Passport, a foreign government passport. The name, date of birth and gender that appears on the identification card must exactly match the same such data that is listed on airline ticket(s) and booking records.

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The Colosseum Rome Italy during daytime_edited.jpg

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